A Message from the Builder

I grew up in rural Massachusetts riding my bike to school, the baseball card shop, the local arcade - everywhere. Growing up, I spent my summers traveling to bike races and camping in the nearest church parking lot with my dad the night before a race. So, when it came time to choose what I wanted to do in life -- I knew I wanted it to involve bikes. 

But I didn't figure out exactly what I wanted to do with bikes until I was sixteen years old - I designed a simple part for my bicycle and wanted it made. I dragged my father along and knocked on the door of a local machine shop. I had no experience, very little money, and was requesting a quantity of one.

The machinist opened his door and took us inside. We discussed how to redesign the part to make it feasible to build and offered to make a special two-piece run. The machinist gave me the parts, but what he really did was give me the insight and curiosity to design and build bikes. 

After getting a degree in mechanical engineering, I spent over a decade designing and building bikes with some of the biggest and most respected bike companies in the world, including Parlee, Specialized, and Cannondale.

However, as much as I enjoyed designing bikes for the pro tour, I always wanted to be more like the machinist I met when I was sixteen, designing my own tools and crafting them myself. I started Eyewater Bicycles to fulfill that desire -- to work with my own hands and to build the most refined carbon bikes possible. 

I make bikes that strive for the same romanticized attachment that many feel toward hand-built steel and titanium frames. The cycling community looks at those frames and sees the gorgeous quality and craftsmanship. I think carbon has that same potential and Eyewater Bicycles are built with that same mentality.

I take pride in designing and building carbon bikes that are fully refined, well-conceived, and equally ready for the showcase or hard miles. Each model is made together with the customer and fully-vetted with processes that have been perfected over my decades-long experience with carbon.

If you are interested in your own Eyewater Bicycle, feel free to contact me. 

- Corey Lowe