Precise Miters

Eyewater Bicycles uses highly controlled miters cut for a tight fitment and load transfer that is at the heart of tube-to-tube frame construction.


All carbon, no filler

Eyewater Bicycles are built without any filler material.  This means the material is consistent throughout the frame. There are no dead zones caused by epoxy-based fillers nor any voids caused from poor laminate compaction.



Surface finish

Straight from the curing oven, Eyewater Bicycles have a pristine surface finish.  Resulting in virtually no post-cure sanding. You'll find no burn-through or wrinkles on these frames.



Defined layup

Eyewater Bicycle joints are created with tested, defined, and documented layups. Ride your Eyewater Bicycle with confidence.  These frames are not one-off prototypes, but verified and repeated products.